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Wash and Fold

Tired of doing your laundry? No worries, we can handle that!

Why Wash and Fold?

Let's check the facts, doing laundry takes time, and time is something that not all of us have at our disposal. Whether you:

  • Work long hours and don't want to spend your free time doing laundry

  • Are a college student who needs to spend time studying

  • Don't like doing laundry

  • Hate doing little loads here and there to keep "caught up" with the laundry

  • Can't find a minute to breathe, let alone do the laundry

Or whatever else the case may be, stop worrying and start relaxing. Laundry with wash and fold is simple and only takes a few minutes.

How Does it Work?

Here's how it works. Simply come in to one of our locations offering wash and fold (Our Delmont Store is currently unattended, please call ahead to drop off orders), drop off your clothes with an attendant, and simply stop back when your order is complete.

Do You Know How to Wash My Clothes?

Of course! All of our attendants are trained using the official materials published by the CLA (Coin Laundry Association). Our attendants have been trained to:

  • Intake your order

  • Separate Clothes

  • Treat Stains

  • Launder Clothes Appropriately

  • Fold Clothes Uniformly and Consistently

  • Package Clothes Properly to Return to Our Customers

Can You Handle My Orders? They Are Really Big!

We can handle orders of any size, our "Normal" orders range from 10-150lbs of laundry. No order is too big! Our store that processes wash and fold orders has over 1000lbs of wash capacity, and can accommodate your order. We also process orders for local businesses as well. We have the training and experience to handle all laundry needs.

What Makes Your Service Different?

We differentiate ourselves through our dedication to our customers, and excellent service. We provide you the flexibility to have your laundry done how you want. Unlike other stores your laundry is always washed by itself, not with other wash and fold orders. Through add-ons and special requests your laundry processing is fully customizable. Don't want your clothes dried the whole way? No problem. Want a special soap, softener, bleach, etc.? No worries, feel free to bring your own wash products, or for a small additional fee you can select brand name wash products from our in house selections.

Stop in today and transform your laundry experience! Let us handle your laundry, and get you back to the things that matter faster!

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