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SERVICES - Delmont

Laundry Time Delmont offers Wash and Fold services, Pick Up and Delivery, and has a laundry list of equipment to provide their customers with the tools necessary to have the clean clothes they deserve. See the information below on services available in Delmont, PA

Wash and Fold

Laundry Time offers 2 wash and fold services to their customers at the Delmont, PA location


Regular Service:

The regular service is what the majority of customers will perfer, with a cheaper price per pound and a lower minimum requirement for the service, this is a standard Wash and Fold Service


Rush Service:

This service is for customers who need their clothes the next day. Laundry Time is happy to provide this service. The increased price and minimum weight requirements are to offset the cost of rushed processing.

Pick Up and Delivery

At Laundry Time Pick Up and Delivery is free for the immediate Delmont area. If you are unsure whether your address would be included in the Laundry Time Delmont delivery route please call for additional information.


Attention Businesses:

We love commercial contracts and recurring customers. Laundry Time may be willing to travel further if you plan to utalize one of services on a frequent basis.


For our Commercial Partners, let us simplify the logistics of linnens for your industry, some exampes of work we can handle:

  • Tablecloths/Napkins

  • Bed Sheets/Comforters/Towels

  • Scrubs

  • Clothes for Hotel Guests

  • Clothes for Nursing Home Residents

We are willing to work with you to make sure that our processing of your items is 100% in line with your standards, please contact for additional details

On Site Equipment

Laundry Time offers the following equipment at their Delmont, PA location


  • Top Load Washers - 8 Available

  • 20lb Front Load Washers - 4 Available

  • Tripple Load Washers - 6 Available

  • 60lb Washer - 1 Available

  • Dryers - 16 Available

  • 50lb Dryer - 1 Available

  • Soda Machine - 1 Machine, 8 Selections

  • Candy Machines - 1 Machine, 40 Selections

  • Soap Machine - 1 Machine, 8 Selections

  • Bag Machine - 1 Machine, 2 Selections

  • Change Machine - 2 Available

  • Candy Dispenser - 1 Machine, 3 Selections

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