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Laundry Time.  

Twelve years ago the owners of Laundry Time purchased their first location. In those days we didn't have snazzy logos, the wide array of services and equipment that we have today, or in some cases a clear understanding of what was important to our customers. We did however have the ability to listen. Our primary focus has always been creating excellent laundry experiences and we do this through pairing industry leading equipment with outstanding customer service. We have spent the last 12 years learning more about the laundry industry then any of us knew existed, and we are excited to employ our expertise to offer the best services available to our customers. Today we have three locations all custom tailored to their market to bring the best service possible to our customers, please visit us in Delmont, Saltsburg, or our newest location in Shadyside today and experience the Laundry Time difference.

Awards and recognitions.

Prior to its acquisition our Delmont location received multiple awards and recognitions from Coin-Op laundry and local newspapers. This was all before the location was welcomed into the Laundry Time family and revamped to meet our standards.

Commitment to our customers.

Laundry Time is a family owned business with a strong dedication to ensuring the complete satisfaction of our customers. Our locations are family friendly, smoke-free facilities, with a desire to stand above other laundries in terms of cleanliness and customer satisfaction. Should you experience any issues in this facility please contact a Laundry Time representative anytime during normal business hours 7 days a week, and all efforts will be made to resolve your issue.

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